Unashamed: 5 Days Of Camp Devotions

In a socieity that's is increasingly unashamed of it's behavior, we should talk with our kids on how not to be ashamed of their beliefs. This camp devo includes five devotions, an Unashamed Song List, and a scripture list. This is the leaders guide and also inlcudes the elements

  • Opening - An opening game or activity
  • Moving - This will be a game or a stunt that gets kids in your group moving and engaging.
  • Talking - I have included questions that are designed to get your kids out of their shells and into the conversation.
  • Thinking- This is where the scripture comes in. We want campers imaginations to run wild with stories of God’s grace and mercy and end with the question, “Could this be for me too?”
  • Praying - At the end of each session you’ll close in prayer but I have added an extra hands on approach.

Feel free to make as many copies as you need. 

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Unashamed: 5 Days Of Camp Devotions

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