Transformed: Repurposing Broken Lives
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I wrote Transformed because I wanted kids to see themselves as works of art in progress instead of awkward leftovers. Teens are unfinished, but no less beautiful or valuable. I wanted them to know they could change because of Jesus. In this three week series we cover transformations like Paul, Peter, the woman at the well and more. We look at their lives before and after meeting Jesus and the process in-between. We use stories about art, apps, hands on art projects, small groups and more to drive home the point that we can be transformed by God if we allow him.  

The 4 series includes

- Opening Activtity Ideas

- Art related activities 

- Power Point and Keynote slides 

- Small Group Questions 

- Promo Art Work 

- Movie Clip and Music Suggestions 

- Audio Coach 

The series is flexible and you can design it any way you'd like to meet the needs of your specific kids. 

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Transformed: Repurposing Broken Lives

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