St. Patricks Breastplate Prayer: A Journal Experience
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St. Patrick is a revered saint and was repsonsible for bringing the gospel to Ireland after having escaped his pirate captors. His prayer is powerful and worthy of more than just a read through on St. Paticks Day. That is why I've taken St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer and made it interactive. This resource is 14 pages filled with

  • Correlating scriptures to go along with the prayer
  • Spaces to write thoughts and answers to questions
  • Questions to deepen a students faith
  • Challenges that ask what it means to live the Christian life
  • A Responsive Reading with slides

This resoouce could make a for a great smal group study on St. Patick and the prayer itself or as a way to challenge students who need a challenge to go deeper in thier faith.

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St. Patricks Breastplate Prayer: A Journal Experience

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