Humility Prayer Stations
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If someone asks me what my number one way to deepn kids faith is, I immediately say prayer stations. I have set up prayer statons at camo, youth group, and retreat and the result is always the same, kids grow in their faith. Recently I was inspired to to put together a prayer station for a retreat and this is the result. It's simple, if God is to increase then we must decrease. This prayer station will help your kids pause and humble themselves before God, asking for more of Him and less of themselves. Here's what you'll receive:

  • Material for 8 stations 
  • Printable scipture cards
  • Printable questions for each station
  • Suggested song list for prayer time
  • Tips for a creative atmosphere for each station
  • Sample pictures of our prayer stations

If your looking for a way to slow your kids down, get them looking in and looking up, this tool is for you. 

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Humility Prayer Stations

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