Discipleship Foundations Course
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Do your kids know what a disciple is? Do they know what Jesus requires of a disciple? This course takes you beyond the "just read your bible, pray, and come to church" style of discipleship. Through eight videos, I'll show you how to program these values into your youth minsirty to build a deeper, stronger foundation of faith so teens can take more than a t-shirt awway from youth group. 

The course comes with

  • 8 Video segments (averaging 8-12 minutes each) 
  • Audio of each segment
  • Worksheets for each lesson (PDF)
  • Access to a community message board 
  • 5 Week Message Series/Retreat Material

If you're looking to extend your education and desire to lay a strong foundation of discipleship in your youth ministry, you've come to the right place. 

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Discipleship Foundations Course

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