30 for 30 Coaching
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Real strategies, fresh ideas, and powerful prayer can make all the difference in your youth ministry, but why do it alone? After over 25 years of youth minsitry, I can walk you through just about any area of youth ministry you'd like to excel in. Download the in-depth form, pray about where you think God is leading you and your ministry then fill out the form and e-mail it to me.

What you will receive:

  • One 30 minute phone call or video chat to work on your YM Goals.
  • Unlimited e-mail/text acces to ask questions and experiment with ideas for 30 days
  • Help designing outreaches, messages, and discipleship programs that will work in your context.

A ministry coach can make all the difference in your youth ministry. I hope to hear from you soom.


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30 for 30 Coaching

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